Tuesday, December 13, 2016

HB 1043 Threatens our Families... Take Action NOW!

HB 1043 was introduced on Dec. 9, 2016 and is sponsored by Rep. Karilyn Brown. The Arkansas legislative session starts on Jan. 9, 2017.

This terrible bill would do the following if passed:

Eliminates the current religious and philosophical belief exemptions to vaccination for all students in public and private schools and day care facilities.

That means it doesn't matter if your child had a previous reaction, or your your older children had a previous reaction or even has died, you will be forced to vaccinate or be in violation. This means it doesn't matter if you are against the use of aborted infant bodies being injected into your child, or aluminum, or formaldehyde. This bill is being introduced by Karilyn Brown, and she is sorely misinformed. She says she is reacting to recent mumps outbreaks. But if she had done even a little bit of reading, she would have seen that those outbreaks were among the recently vaccinated, meaning that not only did the vaccine NOT WORK, it GAVE the recipients the disease. Whenever there is risk there must be INFORMED CONSENT. The Vaccine "Court" has paid out BILLIONS to vaccine injured children and their families. The RISK is REAL. Don't let them take your 4th amendment rights under the US Constitution. Call Karilyn Brown TODAY! Tell her to stop, think, and tell her your story, your concerns. Tell her to KILL THIS BILL.

Contact Information to call, send emails, letters, etc.

Rep Karilyn Brown who filed HB 1043

Phone 501-580-9000

Email karilyn.brown@arkansashouse.org

PO Box 6677, Sherwood, AR 72124

Facebook Page:


Remember to be RESPECTFUL- Thanks!


Join the action group to work against this heinous bill to destroy your rights to informed consent!


Everyone needs to understand that Ms. Brown doesn't even understand what she is doing. The mumps outbreak she is responding to is already proven to be an outbreak among already vaccinated students. Meaning the vaccine not only doesn't work, it causes the disease it is meant to prevent. Join us in defeating this dangerous bill! 

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