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Undercover Dollar Sale! RAIN or SHINE!!! AIC Fundraiser

at 9:30am

Central City Shopping Center 3320 Central Ave Hot Springs, AR 71913

We are selling it all cheap! Select items just ONE dollar, also MakeUp Max Designs from Maxine Meyers

Clothing, Shoes, Knick-Knacks, Housewares, etc. 

Face Painting and Body Art! 
Accepting Donations

Come out and help out, get information about Arkansans For Informed Consent, Vaccine Safety, the TRUTH about the Flu Shot, HR 2232 

We are here for YOU Arkansas!

Unfortunately this fight is not cheap. So far Jacee and I have used our own personal resources to fund Arkansans For Informed Consent. But we are both single moms of very limited means. Printing flyers, information cards, signage and event expenses like booth rental, the chili we made for the chili cookoff all these things have cost us quite a bit. We have a goal to incorporate and register as a non-profit to make your donations tax decductible and that costs even more money. Right now our goal is $750 to pay the storage rent and incorporate, and we have an onghoing budget of $355 going forward to cover. Donations of cash and items to sell, are needed as well as manpower. And as always it costs you nothing to click share! :) To make a cash donation use the email address for paypal at or visit or website and click the link at

Another way to help is to participate in the 

AIC Dollhouse Raffle

MakeUpMax Designs has been working on this awesome GLAMOUR DOLLHOUSE

If you have a little glamour gilr or fashionista she will LOVE this beautiful dollhouse! What a great GIFT! And it can be HERS for just the price of a $2 raffle ticket! We will begin selling the tickets at our first Undercover Dollar Sale event on October 24 at 3320 Central Ave in Hotr Springs and continue selling the tickets at future event as well as online. 

Drawing to be held on December 1st, 2015

Winners will be announced once notified by December 5th, 2015 

The Dollhouse is not yet complete but is a work in progress. We just couldn't wait another minute to break the BIG news so get your tickets now! 

We will post in progress pictures as they are available until the dollhouse is complete! 

Happy Raffle!! 

These items are available online by messaging or commenting on the pic of what you want or come to one of our many Dollar Sale events...
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Monday, October 19, 2015

Rally for Informed Consent - Flu Clinic Action

Thursday October 22 there will be a free flu clinic set up at the Garland County Health Department in Hot Springs. 

1425 Malvern Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901

Having reviewed the propoganda type documents that are being issued with these shot clinics Arkansans For Informed Consent has determined that the public is not being adequately INFORMED before being vaccinated for flu this year in Arkansas. Therefore we will station ourselves on the public sidewalk and offer information to all passersby and be available to render informed data to all who patronize the clinic from 2-5pm on the day of the clinic. 

Join us, make a sign and help us educate. EdUc8 B4 U VaXn8!

Monday, October 12, 2015

1st Meet and Greet - Action Meeting of Arkansans For Informed Consent

We need to get together and put out heads together in defeating HR2232 and H.Res117
Let's get together on the the Third Thursday October 15 and get to know each other over some awesome organic coffee or tea at Kollective Coffee+Tea

Thursday October 15, 2015 at 7pm

110 Central Ave
Downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas

Right across the street from Fat Jacks!

Arkansans For Informed Consent is working to educate the public about vaccines truthfully; to faciliatate Informed Consent under the US Constitiution, the 4th Amendment, and the Neuremburg Code.

On the Agenda:

1. Who are Arkansans For Informed Consent?

2. What is the mission of Arkansans For Informed Consent?

3. Funding / Victoria's Closet

4. Issues of Incorporation

5. Issues of becoming a non-profit organization

6. Vote on Officers

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chili with a Side of TRUTH at Summerfest Uptown!

We had a great day at Summerfest Uptown Saturday, October 10, 2015 in the Tower of Strength Ministries Parking Lot on Park Ave in Hot Springs, Arkansas where we served up some Chili with a Side of Truth! (And some cornbread too...) On the menu: Grass fed Bison, Beef n Bacon Chili with Pumpkin and Cranberry Beans AND Gluten Free Non-GMO organic Cornbread. The chili took 2nd place and won People's Choice! We offfered hot tasty chili and some truth to go along with it and spread the word to all our visitors about HR2232 and H. Res 117 and asked them to call their Senators and Representatives to KILL THE BILL! It was a beautiful day. Maxine Meyers provided a wonderful musical backdrop to the day. Next up October 15th the Meet and Greet - Action Meeting at Kollective Coffee + Tea. 7pm in Hot Springs. See you there!

Jacee Moreno and Victoria Meyers will be out at Summerfest Uptown on Park Ave,

Saturday, October 10, 2015 in the Tower of Strength Ministries Parking Lot on Park Ave in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Making chili and spreading the word about HR 2232 and asking folks to call and write their Senators and Representative.

There's free chili and cornbread tasting, free entertainment AND Arkansans For Informed Consent at the festival!

I guarantee you will leave our booth with new information!

Join AIC! Welcome to Our New Page

Ever since the first glimmers of California's Bill SB 277 began to build momentum I started talking to my friends about just how dangerous such a bill could be. How dangerous this law could be for all of us. My good friend Jacee Moreno, (co-founder of ACI) and I both have vaccine injured children, so together we are trying to do something about it.

A description of SB277 from the California government website says this:

This bill would eliminate the personal belief exemption from the requirement that children receive specified vaccines for certain infectious diseases (including diphtheria, hepatitis B, haemophilus influenzae type b, measles, mumps, pertussis, poliomyelitis, rubella, tetanus, and chicken pox) prior to being admitted to any public or private elementary or secondary school, child care center, day nursery, nursery schools, family day care home, or developmental centers, and would make other
conforming changes.

Once SB277 passed, now immediately a new bill SB 792 to infringe on the freedom of adults to informed choice as well, even further this bill would make it a CRIME for a daycare center or school, including a HOME daycare center to employ an unvaccinated person and leaves no room for personal or religious exemption.
This bill would prohibit a day care center or a family day care home from employing any person who has not been immunized against influenza, pertussis, and measles. Because the bill would extend the application of a crime under the act, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.
Soon after a Florida representative introduced H.R.2232 To amend the Public Health Service Act that would force states to comply with these draconian laws against religious and personal freedoms and most importantly against Informed Consent.
This bill amends the Public Health Service Act to prohibit the Department of Health and Human Services from awarding grants to public entities of a state for preventive health service programs unless the state requires each student in public elementary or secondary school to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
Again no exemptions for personal beliefs or religion are allowed!

These laws could force our already vaccine injured children to endure more damage by forcing vaccines. They also infringe on our parental rights to choose what medical interventions are right for our family. Even more they completely disregard religious rights.

Photo Credit:

Lets talk about Informed Consent: What does it mean? Read the definition of Informed Consent according to Medical Dictionary

in·formed con·sent (in-fōrmd' kŏn-sent'),

Voluntary agreement given by a person or a patients' responsible proxy (for example, a parent) for participation in a study,immunization program, treatment regimen, invasive procedure, etc., after being informed of the purpose, methods, procedures,benefits, and risks. The essential criteria of informed consent are that the subject has both knowledge and comprehension, that consent is freely given without duress or undue influence, and that the right of withdrawal at any time is clearly communicated to the patient. Other aspects of informed consent in the context of epidemiologic and biomedical research, and criteria to be met in obtaining it, are specified in International Guidelines for Ethical Review of Epidemiologic Studies (Geneva: CIOMS/WHO 1991) and InternationalEthical Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects (Geneva: CIOMS/WHO 1993).

Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012

Therefore requiring vaccination as a condition of employment or being admitted to public school's or daycare's and HOME daycare's not only morally wrong, but it is against the International Ethical Guidelines from the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences.

Let's talk about religious exemptions to vaccines. What constitutes a religious conflict with vaccination? Many vaccines are known to have been developed using aborted human cells and DNA.

"Merck, as well as other vaccine manufacturers, uses two well-established human cell lines to grow the virus for selected vaccines," Merck said in a statement to ABC News. "The FDA has approved the use of these cell lines for the production of these Merck vaccines."

One viewpoint puts it this way:

All vaccines are made in violation of God’s Word.
Vaccines are made with toxic chemicals that are injected into the bloodstream by vaccination.
All vaccines are made with foreign proteins (viruses and bacteria), and some vaccines are made with genetically engineered viral and bacterial materials.
A conflict arises if you believe that man is made in God’s image and the injection of toxic chemicals and foreign proteins into the bloodstream is a violation of God’s directive to keep the body/temple holy and free from impurities.
A conflict arises if you accept God’s warning not to mix the blood of man with the blood of animals.
Many vaccines are produced in animal tissues.
A conflict arises if your religious convictions are predicated on the belief that all life is sacred.
God’s commandment "Thou Shall Not Kill" applies to the practice of abortion.
When you believe that the practice of abortion should not be encouraged or supported in any way, a conflict arises with the use of vaccines produced in aborted fetal tissue even though you did not have any other connection with the abortions from which the vaccines are derived.

Let's talk about personal exemptions to vaccines. Why might you have a personal belief philosophical objection to vaccines? Perhaps you don't consider yourself religious but as stated above you have a deep seated personal conviction against abortion. Perhaps you are not comfortable with injecting yourself and your children with toxic chemicals in order to prevent disease. Perhaps you prefer other avenues to health, such as a clean diet and exercise, the use of alternative medicine, and/or practitioners. According to the National Vaccine Information Center right now only 17 states allow an exemption to vaccination based on philosophical, personal or conscientiously held beliefs:

North Dakota
So why should YOU, as an Arkansan, be concerned about legislation in California?

We all know that the world watches California, groundbreaking legislation concerning controversial issues often originates in California. I asked Shawn Seigel; a vaccine researcher and author, and host of The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust radio/internet show, how I should explain why Arkansans should care about California legislation. knowing that California legislation is important to national influence. Notice his response:

I wouldn't approach it from that perspective, Victoria. More to the point, California's part of a well publicized agenda, Healthy People 2020, that ultimately wants to see all people, of all ages, vaccinated; that not just California, but a dozen states entertained bills to eliminate non-medical vaccine exemptions this past legislative session, and those bills will return next year, in more states. It's a national agenda, and Arkansas won't escape the push.
I also want to include a quote here from Mr. Seigel from an article he wrote a year ago regarding the issue of trust, that we hold in our government and doctors to do what's best for us. This is his thought provoking explanation:

It’s an issue of trust, and there is no question here. The CDC, the FDA, the nation’s department of Health and Human Services, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, state health agencies, the American Academy of Pediatrics, many doctors and some journalists are well aware that there are extreme and catastrophic vaccine reactions, and that many more thousands of vaccine recipients are going to suffer them, yet, with a few notable exceptions, they say nothing. More egregiously, in literally portraying vaccination as safe they knowingly mischaracterize it. They not only betray our trust, they show it great disdain.
It’s not that diseases can’t be seriously damaging; it’s that the liberty to determine what level of risk is acceptable for your child is yours, not theirs, and that authority is severely compromised because they will not tell the truth. Moreover, if they snub their noses at their responsibility to give us complete information in one area of vaccination, we cannot trust them to be truthful in other areas: vaccine history; vaccine effectiveness; and the true nature of the threat of disease. They can only be trusted to advance the vaccination paradigm.
- See more at:
So in conclusion the issues here are our rights a human beings, parents and America's are being threatened. This kind of legislation is dangerous to your rights! Imagine the next medical legislation that could be opened up because of this forced medical procedure; imagine forced birth control, even abortion! Forced medical care is one size fits all and everyone knows nothing fits all.

Join us in this movement to raise awareness and explore ways to fight this legislation NOW before it come home to Arkansas!


Victoria Meyers and Jacee Moreno


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Alex Jones Live on Facebook Mentions reacting to the Supreme Court Ruling for Forced Injections

Alex Jones Live on Facebook Mentions reacting to the Supreme Court Ruling for Forced Injections

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Deaths from Disease vs Vaccination- Debunking H.Res 117

Jacee Moreno and I were representing Arkansans For Informed Consent on Blog Talk Radio yesterday, here is the archive...

Arkansans For Informed Consent;  Jacee Moreno and Victoria Meyers - Chili with a side of TRUTH (about HR2232) on BlogTalkRadio with The Mary and Sallie Show with Sallie Elkordy  9/30/2015 10:00:00 AM EDT

Debunking H.Res 117

In regards to H.Res 117 – 

One of the statements made in this resolution, is that “an estimated 43,000 adults and 300 children die annually from vaccine-preventable diseases or their complications in the United States” I thought to myself, “those are HUGE numbers! Where did those numbers come from?” So I decided to look them up. Here is what I found...

H.Res 117 Commends the international community, global and domestic health organizations, the private sector, school and community leaders, and faith-based organizations for bolstering global and domestic health through vaccination.
Affirms vaccines save lives and are essential to public health, and economic and national security.
Recognizes that the lack of vaccination can cause a public health crisis, and that there is no credible evidence to show that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases in healthy children or adults.
Encourages a continued commitment to research to improve vaccines and develop new vaccines.
Urges parents, in consultation with their health care provider, to follow the scientific evidence and consensus of medical experts in favor of timely vaccinations to protect their children and their community. 

MMR Vaccine  – Measles Mumps and Rubella

Measles Deaths in the US

In the U.S. in 2009, there were just two deaths attributed to measles; zero in 2008; zero in 2007 and 2006; and one in 2005.2 according to 2 Deaths: Preliminary Data for 2009. National Vital Statistics Reports. March 16, 2011. Vol 59, No. 4.   3 Deaths since 2005
Mumps Deaths in the US
0- I haven't found any reported deaths from Mumps in that time frame
Rubella Deaths in the US
0- Between 2005 and 2009, there was an average of 11 cases of rubella reported in the U.S. annually.

Deaths due to MMR Vaccine

There have also been 288 deaths reported to VAERS in association with the MMR vaccine.  Also, as of March 1, 2012, there have been 898 claims filed so far in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), alleging 56 deaths in connection with the MMR vaccine, and 842 injuries. Of that number, VICP has compensated 324 of those claims.[34] according to [34] U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Statistics Reports. Claims Filed and Compensated or Dismissed by Vaccine—March 1, 2012. National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. March 1, 2012. Online. (Accessed March 2012)

Polio Vaccine

Polio Deaths in the US

0- The last cases of naturally occurring paralytic polio in the United States were in 1979, when an outbreak occurred among the Amish in several Midwestern states. From 1980 through 1999, there were 162 confirmed cases of paralytic polio cases reported. Of the 162 cases, eight cases were acquired outside the United States and imported. The last imported case caused by wild poliovirus into the United States was reported in 1993. The remaining 154 cases were vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP) caused by live oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV).

Deaths due to the Polio Vaccine

According to MedAlerts, an online search engine of the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database, as of July 2012, there have been more than 24,000 adverse events reported following OPV with 925 deaths (95% in children under age six) and 99 cases of paralysis. There have been more than 35,000 reports of adverse events associated with IPV containing vaccines with 710 deaths (95% in children under age six) and 53 cases of paralysis.

T-DAP Vaccine Pertussis (Whooping Cough) diphtheria (D), tetanus (T), and pertussis (whooping cough) (P)

T-Dap Vaccine

Deaths Due to Pertussis in the US

During the past quarter century, reports of whooping cough cases have increased among babies less than six months old and among teenagers and adults but mortality has remained low.
In 2010, out of a U.S. population of 308 million people, there were about 27,500 reported cases of pertussis including 27 deaths, with 25 deaths occurring in infants under age one year. However, many cases of whooping cough are never diagnosed or reported. Every four to five years, there are reported increases in whooping cough disease in the U.S. and other countries, no matter how high the vaccination rate. -
During 2012, 48,277 cases of pertussis were reported to CDC, including 20 pertussis-related deaths. This was the most reported cases since 1955
(interesting to note that being that the most deaths seem to occur from Pertussis there is so much less information about that)

Deaths Due to Diptheria in the US

0- Between 1998 and 2003, just seven cases, total, were reported to the CDC. (see this link) Between 2004 and 2008, no cases of diphtheria were recorded in the U.S
Deaths Due to Tetanus in the US
3 annually-  In 2002 there were 25 cases of tetanus and 3 deaths reported in the U.S. Tetanus is a much more serious problem in underdeveloped countries, especially among newborn babies born in unsanitary conditions whose umbilical cords can become infected with tetanus. During 2001--2008, An average of 29 cases was reported each year. Of those deaths the majority are in the aged over 65 with diabetes.

T-Dap Vaccine Deaths

As of August 2012,  about half of the 2,982 awards for vaccine injury and death totaling nearly $2.5 billion dollars made under the U.S. 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act involve pertussis containing vaccines.

Varicella Virus Vaccine (Chicken Pox)

Deaths Due to Chickenpox in the US

Data from 1992 showed that about 158,000 cases of chickenpox were reported, including about 100 deaths. More than half of the deaths were in adults because chickenpox is more serious in adults than in children. Most children and adults, who develop severe complications and are injured or die from chickenpox disease, have compromised immune systems or other underlying health problems.

The CDC claims it is preventing 100 deaths from Chicken pox annually deaths have declined steadily since 1995 when the vaccine was introduced, from 100- 81 and all the way down to 6 deaths in 2007. However, the disease was already in a steady decline ever since 1987. Long before the introduction of the vaccine.
And still the deaths primarily occur in unhealthy adults.

Chicken Pox Vaccine Deaths

Between March 1995 and July 1998, the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) received 6, 574 reports of health problems after chickenpox vaccination. That translates into 67.5 adverse events per 100,000 doses of vaccine or one in 1,481 vaccinations. About four percent of cases (about 1 in 33,000 doses) were serious including shock, encephalitis, thrombocytopenia (blood disorder) and 14 deaths.
Remember adults are not the primary receivers of varicella vaccine, these 14 deaths were children
A CDC vaccine safety study found that children aged 12-23 months were twice as likely to experience febrile seizures with the 4 in 1 combination shot, ProQuad, which contains varicella zoster, measles mumps and rubella vaccines, compared to administering MMR vaccine and Varivax separately.

Flu Vaccine

Deaths Due to the Flu in the US

CDC does not know exactly how many people die from seasonal flu each year.  CDC estimates that from the 1976-1977 season to the 2006-2007 flu season, flu-associated deaths ranged from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people.
Seasonal influenza can aggravate an existing chronic illness (such as congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).
CDC and other public health agencies in the United States and other countries use statistical models to estimate the annual number of seasonal flu-related deaths.

Flu Shot Deaths

As of November 2013, there have been more than 93,000 reports of reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following influenza vaccinations made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 1,080 related deaths, 8,888 hospitalizations, 1,801 related disabilities and over 1,700 cases of GBS. In 2013 the Federal Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) voted to add GBS to the Vaccine Injury Table within the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).
Clearly the number “43,000 adults and 300 children” dying of vaccine preventable disease is inflated due to this flu vaccine statistical model. How many of the 43,000 are unhealthy or already dying adults, or dying of old age?

HPV Vaccination 

Deaths Due to HPV in the US

The Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health estimate that about 12,000 American women were diagnosed with cervical in 2013 and that there were about 4,000 related deaths. Less than 3% of the nearly 1.6M diagnosed cancer cases and more than 550,000 cancer deaths that occur in the U.S. annually involve chronic HPV infection-associated cervical or other genital cancers in women and men.
Women chronically infected with HPV for many years, who don’t get pre-cancerous cervical lesions promptly identified and treated, can develop cervical cancer and die. After Pap test screening became a routine part of health care for American women in the 1960’s, cervical cancer cases in the U.S. dropped 74 percent and continued Pap testing is recommended whether women do or do not get HPV vaccinations;

Deaths Due to HPV Vaccine 

Between June 2006 and March 2014, when about 67 million doses of HPV vaccine had been given out in the United States, VAERS received 96 reports of death after people received the Gardasil vaccine. Among the 96 reports of death.

As of Dec. 13, 2013, there were a total of 29,918 vaccine reaction reports made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) associated with Gardasil vaccinations, including 140 deaths. There were a total of 2,652 vaccine adverse reaction reports made to VAERS associated with Cervarix vaccinations, including 13 deaths. (Merck’s Gardasil vaccine, which was the first HPV vaccine licensed in the U.S., has the majority of the HPV vaccine market in the U.S.).
After Gardasil was licensed and three doses recommended for 11-12 year old girls and young women, there were thousands of reports of sudden collapse with unconsciousness within 24 hours seizures; muscle pain and weakness; disabling fatigue; Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS); facial paralysis; brain inflammation; rheumatoid arthritis; lupus; blood clots; optic neuritis; multiple sclerosis; strokes; heart and other serious health problems, including death, following receipt of Gardasil vaccine

From June 2006 to March 2014, when about 67 million doses of Gardasil had been given out in the United States, VAERS received nine reports of premature ovarian failure following receipt of the Gardasil vaccine in the United States. During the same period, VAERS received an additional 12 reports of related conditions (“premature menopause,” “ovarian disorder” or “ovarian failure”) after Gardasil vaccination.